Business busy: Stress-free meeting by our Business Lunch

The answer to an alternative lunch!

A full stomach does not like to study and an empty one not at all! Important business meeting, but the stomach is growling? Meant to be on the golf course and too late for a second breakfast but it’s too early for lunch? Therefore: in Kitzbühel we serve our business lunch in the F. Reisch bar in the Sporthotel Reisch!

The Business Lunch at the Sporthotel Reisch is the right choice for all guests, whether it be outside guests or our hotel guests. We serve you everything on one plate, because it simply works together. What’s better, is every week is different, but always fresh products completely homemade. And for the price of €10,90 including a non-alcoholic drink, its guaranteed to fill everyone!

So, if you are in the F. Reisch Bar just chilling, enjoying excellent food, no wonder business meetings are spontaneously postponed or hiking/biking shifted later to the afternoon.

The F. Reisch Bar operates by mixing work with pleasure, entrepreneurs and managers intermingling with hotel guests, it can all happen in the F. Reisch Bar at the Sporthotel Reisch!

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