Gräfin Lamberg - the ski jumper


* Born on the 21st of September 1887 in Kitzbühel
* Pioneer of ladies ski jumping
* Nick name „flying countess“
* 1908 she jumped of the Kitzbühel ski jump in a long skirt and perfect posture and jumped 24 metres which were sensational and startling for those times
* Was very good friends with Alfons Walde, the painter
* The castle was used as a small pension from 1885 and within the years it was renovated and rebuilt to a hotel (one of the first in Kitzbühel)
* She married Franz Valentin Schlick, duke and race car driver
* During a race of the Bavarian Automobil Club in Berchtesgaden she was involved in an accident and was deadly injured
* She died on the 4th of September 1927

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