Hilde Goldschmidt - the painter


* Born on the 7th of September 1897 in Leipzig
* Daughter of a wealthy merchant
* Was raised in a open and happy family who was base of her artistic developement
* Graphic and artistic education
* 1919 acceptance at the academy of Dresden (first year women were accepted)
* Met Oskar Kokoschka and became his student
* Completet Kokoschkas (Austrian artist) master class at the academy of Dresden
* Went on a ski holiday to Kitzbühel in 1933 where she broke har leg and had to stay here for 7 months and fell in love with the town
* Bought a house in Kitzbühel in 1950
* Died 1980 in Kitzbühel
* A foundation and an art reward are named after her

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