Peter Aufschnaiter - the explorer


* Born on the 2nd of November 1899 in Kitzbühel
* His motto „Never appear to be something, just be it“
* Son of a cabinet maker of Kitzbühel
* Education in agricultural economics and chemics in Innsbruck and Munich
* At this time already very much interested in the Himalaya
* Studied English, Italian and Hindi
* 1929 participation at expedition to Kangchendzönga
* The Himalaya was his passion his whole life
* 1939 together with Heinrich Harrer historic expediton to Nepal where the film „7 years in Tibet“ was made of. They went by order of the German Himalaya foundation
* He stayed in Nepal and worked for the Indian government as a cartographer and agricultural engineer
* Beginning of the 70’s he returned to Europe due to health reasons
* Died 1973 in Innsbruck and was burried in Kitzbühel
* Friends and Fans still decorate his grave with Tibetan prayer flags

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