Simon Benedikt Faistenberger - the painter


* Born on the 27th of October 1693 in Kitzbühel
* Was a student of his father
* From 1709 onwards he earned his own money
* He was a student of Johann Anton Gumpp in Munich
* 1712 he was mentioned at the church bill for the first time in Kitzbühel
* 1726 he was mentioned as a owner of a house for the first time
* Around 1733 he became a member of the council and „manager“ of the local church
* His art work involved mainly portaits, altar- and saint paintings, ceiling and wall paintings in churches in and around Kitzbühel
* He was mainly geared to Italian art and you can also see the influence of Rubens
* He was an artist of the baroque era
* Some of his works are at the church in Oberndorf, in Kitzbühel at the Liebfrauenkirche or Jochberg
* He died on the 22nd of April 1759 in Kitzbühel

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